In the new story ‘Rugby Hunk’s Injury’ at, the sudden appearance of Dr Melody Eustace has completely thrown stark naked rugby star Brian. It was bad enough with Kimberly and journalist Sophie hovering around his exposed body and touching his privates freely. Now he’s been told he must provide […]

CFNM – Rugby Star Brian Told He Must Provide Samples

Steve is one of the hottest guys on This boy has thick luscious lips, a long perpetually hard cock, perfect muscular body and winning smile. Steve is a real heart throb. On two experienced producers put him through an audition (as an excuse to examine his naked body […]

CFNM – Steve

At, young Carl is self conscious about his naked body. But the women at the local swimming pool have tricked him into remaining fully naked throughout their entire swimming exercise lesson. Now they are using him as a live model to practice their sports massage on and the sexy […]

CFNM – Carl