Kneeling on the bed, we find Marek Polan, rubbing his chest thru his shirt and posing his muscles for the camera. Slowly slipping his hands under his shirt, exposing his lean tummy, Marek teases us with each pull of his shirt until he completely rips it off and throws it […]

BadPuppy – Marek Polan

After a little interview 27 year old Taran Malek kneeled on the bed and started caressing his body thru his clothes before he very slowly unbuttoned his shirt. As Taran’s shirt falls away an incredibly sculpted body appears which would be the envy of most men. Unzipping his pants, Taran […]

BadPuppy – Taran Malek

Roman Stach (28)_20-02-2016
Roman Stach is a 23 year old hottie from the Czech Republic. Roman is straight and has only had girlfriends, but he’s had a fantasy of jerking off on film, where the audience would be Gay men. Roman rubs his body, lifting his shirt where you can see his fantastic […]

BadPuppy – Roman Stach