As hunky young Marek Holas lays back on the sofa he begins inspecting his muscular body by slowly feeling his rock hard arms and biceps; then lifting his shirt showing off his incredible six-pack abs. As he continues to rub places on his body the clothes magically disappear leaving Marek […]

BadPuppy – Marek Holas

19 year old Michael Getlin was very excited to be in front of the camera. It was quite apparent because, as the interview begins, our producer notices Michael rubbing what was apparently a growing bulge in his jeans. As Michael stands, he unzips his jeans, pulls them and his underwear […]

BadPuppy – Michael Getlin

Muscular Robert Driveman just can’t wait to show you his huge, hard cock. As he is sitting on the stairs telling us about his first sexual experiences both alone and with another person, Robert appears to be turning himself on. He stands up, unbuttons his pants and slides them to […]

BadPuppy – Robert Driveman

Camil Tucker is out to show us what he’s got in this Badpuppy solo and he puts on quite a show from start to finish. Camil starts things off by removing his shirt, squeezing his cock through his jeans, and stroking his slender body. He teases the camera for a […]

BadPuppy – Camil Tucker