Newcomer Henry Fucks Dan Hard! – Blake Mason

For a newcomer to all on-camera business, Henry Samson is awfully adept at drilling Dan Jenkins in his first duo! He told us during his interview that he really loved to suck dong and Henry definitely shows off his skills as he and Dan get each other’s cocks wet. The two 69 before Henry gets Dan on the edge of the bed, on all fours, just where he wants him. We’d wager it’s been awhile since someone really pounded Dan on camera like this, too! When Henry gets Dan flat out on the bed, he has the other dude moaning into the sheets as he slams his hole. While he’s railed in missionary, Dan shoots him load across his stomach and chest (and hits himself in the eye? Ha!) Of course, like a true cocksucker, Henry cums while stroking his pecker and sucking on Dan’s!

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