Str8hell – Alan Carly ROUND 3 – HIGH VOLTAGE – Arny Donan, Marek Borek & Alan Carly

In Airport Security Arny Donan and Marek Borek still have Alan Carly naked and cuffed. They have decided that he needs more action, this time some high voltage punishment. Using an old phone they ask him if he needs to call someone. Teasing him about the vibrator he was made to take earlier. Marek removes the handcuffs from one of Alan’s wrists, but then attaches it round his balls. Arny attaches some wires to it. They are also attached to the old phone, and when he turns the handle on the phone, a power surge shoots through Alan who yells out as he feels it. The power makes him shudder and tremble as it goes through his balls and into his body. Arny keeps on turning the handle, making Alan moan even louder. He grimaces and cries out as he keeps on shaking from the pain that surges through him. Marek then attaches nipple clamps and the wires are moved up to them, with Alan screaming out as the handle is turned again. Marek strips down and his cock is rock hard but cover, and Alan has it pushed into his mouth to stop his screams. The cover is necessary so that Marek doesn’t feel the power surge as his cock is connected to Alan’s mouth. Arny shows no sympathy for the distraught Alan as he keeps turning the handle, until they are happy that everything is working fine, and they leave Alan all alone again.