MormonBoyz – Elder Holland – DISCIPLINARY ACTION

The formidable President Nelson has just discovered the mischievous Elder Holland and Elder Oaks, President Oaks’ son, messing around in their quarters. Now Elder Holland is in for a punishment he won’t soon forget.

No sooner had Elder Holland shot a massive load all over his muscular chest then Elder Oaks, his mission companion came out of his hiding place where he’d watched the whole thing.

Holland saw Oaks’ long dick pressed up against his towel and found himself getting instantly hard again.

“Get over here,” Holland commanded, and Oaks obeyed. Holland pulled off the boy’s towel and pressed his body against Oaks’ bare flesh.

Holland spent most of the next few days with Oaks’ hot, wet mouth attached to his cock.

He couldn’t get enough of the other boy and loved to watch Oak’s eyes widen as he came deep in Oak’s throat.

One day as they are messing around, the door to their room flies open and there was the handsome but expressionless President Nelson.

Turns out their neighbors were another missionary companionship, and they overheard the boys on several occasions. They couldn’t be sure that Elder Holland wasn’t pranking them, but they reported them anyway.

“Why the hell do you have your dick down your companion’s throat, Elder Holland? Get dressed. Both of you.”

“I’m sure your father is going to want to see you, Elder Oaks.”

“As for you, Elder Holland, I will administer your disciplinary action myself.”

Elder Holland is scared, but more than a little curious about what might be in store for him.

An hour later Elder Holland is in the temple and President Nelson leads him to room he’s never seen before.

“You must wait here. In a few minutes a temple patron will retrieve you and bring you to me. I will be waiting for you in the council room.”

President Nelson walks ahead of the boy, leaving Holland to anxiously wait.

Elder Holland has interacted with this high ranking man before, and more than once even imagined what the older daddy would look like naked. When Elder Holland finally enters the council room, he finds himself alone with President Nelson for the first time.

The President commands the young boy undress and lay across his knees. Holland is shocked, but does as he is told.

He lays across the President’s spread legs, and his hefty young dick and balls dangle against the velvety fabric of his mesh garments. Feeling exposed combined with the threat of being spanked is making his dick elongate and thicken.

President Nelson’s large hand slaps Holland hard across his ass. He hits him again and again and again. Holland feels all the blood rush to his face…and also his cock!!

He is embarrassed, and his ass stings, but for some damn reason he is incredibly turned on. As Nelson switches to a wooden paddle, Holland’s member begins to throb. The harder the spanking the harder the boy becomes.

“Do you regret what you did?” The President’s growling voices echoes through the room.

At first Holland says no, but only so that the President will punish him more, which he does. But, finally he relents and tells the President what he wants to hear.

President Nelson tells him he is a good boy and strips him out of the sacred underwear. Holland’s huge erection bounces free from the constraining fabric and his testicles ache for release.

President Nelson wraps his hand around the boy’s erection.

“Did that turn you on?” Nelson pulls on the shaft.

“Yes, President,” the young Elder Holland whispers, his voice shaking with desire.

As he lays back down on the President’s lap. He feels a massive swelling in the President’s pants. The President cover’s Holland’s mouth with his hand and continues spanking the boy as hard as he can.

Holland will take anything Nelson gives him, and get his ass beaten raw, as long as this man eventually lets him cum.