DreamBoyBondage – Leo Edwards – Captive Blonde – Part 3

Young top Felix Frost continues to alternate between torturing and sucking his slave’s cock. College boy Leo whimpers and moans, from the pleasure of Felix’s mouth and the pain of tight rope, biting pins and a razor-sharp pinwheel. Felix finally removes the pins and unties the rope. “Turn around, boy!” he barks, keeping Leo up on his toes as he forces him to face the whipping post. Leo can’t believe his eyes when he sees the long, red single-tail whip. “Agggggg!” the boy screams when the first lash lands. The blows wrap around his body, gashing his pecs and ribs as well as his back and ass. Felix makes Leo smell the rubbing alcohol before misting it on his back. And, if that weren’t bad enough, he attacks Leo’s fresh wounds with his pinwheel. The look of pain and terror on Leo’s angelic face is almost as hot as watching his fine, naked body writhe in pain.