DreamBoyBondage – Josh Hunter – The Delinquent – Part 1

Josh Hunter is an 18-year-old high school senior in a nondescript suburb, an innocent gay boy who has fallen on hard times. He’s a good kid but he’s short on cash, brains and parental guidance, so he steals a few items from the local market and gets caught sucking an older man’s cock to earn some money. He’s a dumb, if extraordinarily pretty, young man. And now he is in our prison, ready to be “scared straight” by Jared, to learn to stay away from crime and prostitution – or land in prison, where he will be sold into sexual slavery and passed around like a piece of meat. He and his parents have agreed that instead of going to prison he will get a “taste” of life behind bars, the pain of slavery, of being fucked in his ass and mouth by big, aggressive men. Jared starts out with some harsh, terrifying words, then bends the boy over and beats his ass with a spanker and a split-head flogger. A little later Josh will suck cock and get fucked.