DreamBoyBondage – IAN LEVINE – Final Consent IV – Part 1

To avoid prison, Ian Levine, a beautiful blonde, must strip naked, get his dick hard and prove he is man enough to endure harsh torture. Then the whipping begins. “Enter!” the judge bellows. A slim blonde boy, Ian Levine, opens the door and shuffles into the dungeon. He is 22 but looks much younger. A Mormon from Utah, he killed a man while driving drunk after just a few drinks, the first he ever had. Now, to avoid a 20-year prison sentence, he has reported to our facility to be torture. He is ordered to strip naked and prove he is “man enough” to endure two solid days of pain by showing off his athletic body and getting his dick hard. He complies, shaking in fear and humiliation. The judge then describes in graphic detail everything that will be done to him: a brutal flogging followed by a ten-hour crucifixion, then a series of brutal lashings with a single-tail whip, followed by hours of electro-torture that will leave him a “twitching mass of muscle.” The poor kid has no choice. Like so many boys before him, he provides his “final consent” with a signature. Then the flogging begins.