DreamBoyBondage – Emerson Palmer – Smooth As Silk – Part 6

Beautiful, young Emerson, spread-eagled face-up on the bondage table, gets five lashes from the single-tail whip in rapid succession, making his long, lean body convulse in pain. His stomach and chest, from inches above his cock to his collarbone, are covered with deep-red lash wounds. Jared zaps each wound with the violent wand, then he re-attaches the jumper cables, one to Emerson’s wrist, the other to the steel plug still shoved-up his ass. Electric current flows through his naked body – this time turned-up twice as high. Emerson buckles and screams. Then the single-tail comes crashing down again – while he is being shocked! Finally, the poor boy’s body gives out. He comes to a few hours later only to discover Jared has tied two 80-pound weights to his wrists. Jared smiles, then pushes each weight off its beam, stretching Emerson out in a perfect X. “Pah…leez…” the poor boy begs.