Max’s Second Audition

At, as well as fulfilling our own selfish desires, we’re performing a kind of public service sexually educating the bright young heterosexual leaders of tomorrow in the audition room. At the tender age of 18 Max is entirely confident in being straight, but is convinced he’ll have a successful career in porn. He knows to make it lucrative he must have sex with men and we’re going to teach him how it’s done. Max discovers how stimulating it is having his sphincter licked and how painful it can be having his g-spot tickled as Adrian slides his cock deep up his arse. His ring is so fucking tight! And he’s given a long lesson in cock sucking training so he can work past his gag reflex and service a dick right. Next Max gets his own back by ramming his hard 18 year old dick up Adrian as he learns how to fuck a man like a mean vengeful cunt. This boy is the raw deal: a hot young athlete with sexy stinky pits, an excitable prick and a tight eager arse.