Tomas Fuk – SPANKING

Tomas Fuk is naked, gagged and shackled to the bed as his tormentors arrive and start beating on him with their hands and whips. His balls are tied too and they get pulled as well. He writhes and moans as the two tormentors work on his. His cock seems to be rock hard too though as he takes his punishment. He takes it all well, and soon feels his nipples as they get clamped. A belt is used on his body too making him moan louder. The guys move him, so his legs are up, exposing his sexy ass. That ass gets the treatment, from the belt and hands. The feet get tickled too, as the sexy ass writhes all over the place. That ass looks so inviting and soon feels fingers probing the hole. Tomas is moved again, this time onto his knees showing off his ass still. As the cheeks are spread his hole opens up. His ass gets spanked as well making Tomas moan louder. Then he lays on his back and wanks his cock with the hands still groping, grabbing and hit on his body. He keeps wanking unti he shoots his cum and then suffers another quick round of torment to end a very hot scene.