Nikola & Igor RAW – Airport Security

Igor Tapak is being held in a cage in the airport dungeons. He is proclaiming innocence of any wrongdoing to his guard, Nikola Donoval. But Nikola has plans for him. He shackles Igor’s hands above his head and pats him down. Igor complains as Nikola’s hands feel all over him. Nikola pulls at the clothes gradually lowering Igor’s pants. Then he sucks on Igor’s stiffing cock, taking it deep into his mouth. Nikola enjoys sucking that big cock for a while. Then he stands and turns Igor around so he can check his ass. He bends him over and starts tonguing his hot hole. Nikola has a good time rimming the hot hole, pulling the cheeks apart to really get his tongue in. Then he stands and pulls out his throbbing cock and shoves it deep into Igor’s ass. That ass hole gets stretched wide by Nikola’s rampant cock. He fucks it deep as Igor moans. Nikola keeps up his hard fucking, pulling his cock out and shoving it back in again. His fucking speeds up, banging that ass real hard. As his ass gets fucked hard Igor grabs his own cock and wanks it. He quckly shoots a big cumshot as Nikola continues to fuck his sexy hole. Then Igor is laid down for Nikola to fuck him some more. The big cock slams into the tight hole until Nikola is ready to cum too. He pulls out and releases his hot, creamy, cum all over Igor’s left thigh. Then he tells Igor that he can go home.