Laco and Viktor RAW – Airport Security

Viktor Adam is detained by Airport Security. He is laying on the bed, calling out to be released. Laco Meido is his guard and comes in, being very abusive about all the noise. As Laco abuses and threatens Viktor he decides he needs to take a piss. As he begins to get his dick out Viktor sees a chance, and jumps up, grabbing Laco and overpowering him. Pushing Laco on to the bed, Viktor spanks his ass and then ties his wrists. Then he gags Laco as well and continues to spank his ass. Viktor pulls the ass cheeks apart too, inspecting Laco’s hold. He removes his shorts and soon as his rock hard dick deep in Laco’s ass. He fucks that sexy ass a while and then has Laco suck on the rock hard dick. Then Laco is laid on the bed, legs up, for Viktor to pound that ass some more. Laco grabs his cock and wanks it hard as Viktor continues to fuck his hot hole. Soon Laco dumps his cum over his belly. Viktor keeps fucking the sexy ass until he is ready too and then he pulls out and shoots his creamy load over Laco.