BadPuppy – Lucas Morrison & Tim Law

Lucas Morrison had not seen his friend Tim Law, in almost 5 years. He had met a girl; they hooked up, moved in together; now living almost 500 miles apart. Tim’s situation with her soured and he was on his way to see his old friend Lucas for both advice and a little relaxation. As he walked thru the door, Lucas was still staring out the window. Lucas turned and it was something about that very moment that he took Tim in his arms and they both start kissing each other. Without saying a word Tim pulls Lucas over to the sofa where they mutually help each other out of their clothes; but, Tim has to put the pause on that after he sees the size of his buddies cock. He woofs it down and can’t seem to get enough of it and Lucas’ balls. After Lucas gets his turn at sucking on Tim’s cock he has Tim roll over on the sofa. He drives his cock deep into Tim’s ass and Tim’s cock goes completely rock hard. These two studs fucked all over the sofa and floor; but, when Lucas puts Tim on the end of the sofa, throws his legs back and bangs Tim’s ass furiously; Tim can take it anymore and blows his load, coating his hand and stomach. Lucas sits back on the sofa and grabs his cock so that he can finish the job as Tim slides around beside him. Tim lightly tickles Lucas’ balls and that’s what Lucas needed as his cock starts spitting cum all over Tim’s hand, his balls and legs. It was quite a messy; but, tasty ending.

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