BadPuppy – Lewis Grant & Patty Cat

It was lust at first sight with Lewis Grant and Patty Cat. Having hooked up at one of the local clubs these two young studs could not wait to get home and strip each other naked. Lewis lies back on the sofa, Patty kneels down straddling Lewis’ chest and he starts working Patty’s cock with his mouth like he’s been wanting it forever. Lewis kneels up on the sofa and Patty’s skilled mouth works its magic on Lewis’ long, thick cock until Lewis revs things up by crawling, face first, under Patty’s ass. His tongue and face literally disappear into Patty’s hole and Patty’s face is the clue that Lewis really knows how to work his mouth and tongue. Lewis climbs up and mounts Patty; plunging his thick and rock hard cock deep into Patty’s ass. Their hot and sweaty body’s go at it; Lewis pounding Patty, working it like two dogs fucking. These two studs fuck long and hard and Lewis is the first to bust his nut. He pulls out of Patty’s ass and launches his load of jizz up onto Patty’s chest and stomach; his balls tight as his cums. Patty’s rock hard cock is standing there throbbing as Patty shoots; but, the second Patty touches it, his cock erupts sending cum streaming up to his neck and drenching his stomach and chest.

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