BadPuppy – Roy Merrick

Lean and tight Roy Merrick is truly an exhibitionist and we know from his interview that he has had car sex in the parking lot of a store while customers walked all around them. So, for him to come in, get naked and put on a show of us was nothing. Roy strips down and the first thing you will notice is how lean and muscular he is. Yes, he’s got a nice, thick cock; but, that body of his is just to die for. After a brief posing session Roy grabs his thick dick with one hand and begins jerking it as he caresses his body with the other hand. Roy lies back on the sofa, continues to work his cock and balls while periodically his hand drifts down to his sweet, tight ass-hole which he fingers quite eagerly. He gets up on his knees, bends over the sofa and sticks his fingers in his hole. He continues to work his hole and cock at the same time, working that ass like an old pro. As Roy continues jerking his dick you can tell he’s close as his body tightens up. With an intense thrust forward Roy squirts a thick, creamy load of man juice all over the sofa and floor below.

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