BadPuppy – Michael Getlin

19 year old Michael Getlin was very excited to be in front of the camera. It was quite apparent because, as the interview begins, our producer notices Michael rubbing what was apparently a growing bulge in his jeans. As Michael stands, he unzips his jeans, pulls them and his underwear down just enough to free his stiffening cock and balls. He slowly undress showing off his tight, hard body. He’s got a very nice cock; but, I just want to bury my face in that ass of his. Grabbing his cock he goes to work jacking his hard, thick piece of meat. Lying back on the sofa, Michael pulls his legs back and begins fingering his hole with one hand and jerking his dick with the other. As he turns and kneels on the couch, he spreads his ass cheeks, showing off his man hole as he tugs down on his cock. Standing up on the couch, you can tell he’s close and with a few final strokes; Michael blows a thick creamy load before heading off for an extended shower.

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