Daily Archives: October 28, 2016

Pietro, Flo and Sylvain are all southerners. More competitive than other Germans perhaps. Flo is the first losing at cards. He leaves and Pietro and Sylvain play alone. It doesn’t take long and Flo comes back to them. But instead of white T-Shirt and a short sports pants he now […]

CazzoClub – Pietro del Toro, Flo Carrera & Sylvain Cardini

Tommy Deluca, Ray Dalton and Alex Mason are making out hot and heavy, making a lot of happy sex noises while Wolvypup watches. He looks so forlorn as he stands there playing with himself, but not for long. He’s soon quite happy munching on tattooed hairy daddy Ray’s big fat […]

BarebackThatHole – Tommy Deluca, Ray Dalton, Alex Mason and Wolvypup