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With roommates acting a little odd, Austin Everett makes his way to the store for some household goods. Before he leaves, a strange premonition tells him to double back inside for just a second, and when he does, he hears strange noises coming from upstairs. Quietly, he creeps to the […]

NextDoorBuddies – Friends Don’t Keep Secrets – Austin Everett, Brandon ...

Muscular Robert Driveman just can’t wait to show you his huge, hard cock. As he is sitting on the stairs telling us about his first sexual experiences both alone and with another person, Robert appears to be turning himself on. He stands up, unbuttons his pants and slides them to […]

BadPuppy – Robert Driveman

I ran into Tim sitting by the roadside in one of Atlanta’s notorious neighborhoods. He’s a bit odd, but I find his body and cock irresistible. The problem was, he’d been up for about two days straight and just couldn’t get off. Still, I think he is incredibly sexy and […]

WorkinMenXXX – Tim