Daily Archives: October 7, 2016

At CFNM.net, with pressure from both Kate Stone and his manager, Lloyd McAndrews has no choice but to remove all his clothes – along with the length of toilet paper he was using to ‘enhance’ his packet. His confidence deserts him as he stands there awkwardly between the women, feeling […]

CFNM – Lloyd McAndrews Gets Naked

Bald, bearded, and tattooed Daddy Lucas straps his “boy” onto a Saint Andrews Cross, something Daddy Cub loves. In fact, while furry, pierced Cub is in his place, he watches Lucas’ every move with adoration in his eyes. But that’s a Master and slave relationship. Leather loving Lucas pulls down […]

BarebackThatHole – Daddy Cub, Steve Sommers and Daddy Lucas

Rosta Benecky is in charge of Airport Security. Tomas Fukis sent in to see him. Tomas sits and agrees to having his luggage checked. As Rosta opens the suitcase Tomas comes up behind him and overpowers him. With Rosta passed out Tomas gags and binds him, naked. He stands in […]

WilliamHiggins – Str8hell – Rosta and Tomas RAW – AIRPORT ...