Daily Archives: October 3, 2016

Barry is a hetero dude who lives a rock and roll lifestyle. He fucks and parties as much as possible when he’s not working. He’s the type of guy we always desire and might nervously make a pass at. His friendly but firm reply would always be, “Nah man, that’s […]

TheCastingRoom – Barry

This shy straight guy does not want to be recognized, so he does the shoot in ball cap and glasses. He’s kind of nervous throughout the shoot, but clearly enjoys it. He takes some time playing through his shorts and t-shirt, then his boxers, until finally stripping naked. He loves […]

RamJetVideo – Billy

I really like Andy. He’s a warm and friendly guy and always carries a beautiful smile on his face. Andy shows up now and then, usually needing cash, as a result of his substance abuse problem. But he’s a terrific guy otherwise and I’m always glad to see him.

WorkinMenXXX – Andy