TimFuck – MEAT HOLES – Wesley Downs, Dolf Dietrich

WESLEY DOWNS is a Portland native that loves to get fucked. DOLF DIETRICH happened to be in town for the weekend so Dice took WESLEY to get the breeding of his life. There is no saying no to DOLF. This kid was ready to submit. We included this as a bonus scene because Dolf’s dick looks absolutely magnificent pounding out Wesley’s hole here. His cock is mesmerizing as it pulsates sliding in and out of the man flesh.



All these Strangers keep cuming up to this lovely lad 3 guys in a row cum in this cute Twink. We had lads in slings on their knees and ALL THE TIME people are coming up to them and sticking it in till they cum its a proper fantasy come true. The amount of people who were cuming up to the sexy Twink in the sling – its just insane! I really mainly wank to our ‘Outdoors videos’. There’s just something about offering your arse to ANYONE!


BeefCakeHunter – Beefcake Kash sweaty fuck

Just a couple of days after I deepthroat Beefcake Kash for the first time, he was back at the BCH arena to give what I was expecting: a good fuck! Even though he had to keep his generous girlfriend happy, he went into too many details about that lol; somehow, he managed to save a delicious load for us.

Kash is a sexy and mysterious Beefcake with a cock perfect for deepthroating it, and for those Feet Lover Hunters, Kash also has nice feet. Seeing him playing with his cock as an anticipation of what is to come…is so hot! 😉

Before Beefcake Kash sweaty fuck, I had to enjoy that hairy cock in my mouth, and I didn’t have to spend more time getting it up; he is always hard and ready to be serviced, and we love that here at BeefCakeHunter Land! Besides the obvious, I enjoy sucking him so much while looking into his eyes, and he is not shy at all to look back at what I was doing!

Then, on my fours, it was a hard and deep pounding from the start. He was determined to give me what I wanted, and while he was doing it, I tried to touch his hairy balls while they were pounded over and over against my ass; I was totally in BCH Heaven 😊

I noticed that his breathing got intense, and in the hit of Beefcake Kash sweaty fuck moment, I even went far to push him against me intensely; I just couldn’t get enough of him inside me…

I could have him fuck me for long, but I decided to finally taste that cum again, so while he was seated, I sucked him good until he exploded those two days of cum, that at that point, I was not too sure that he really saved it for us, but yeah, he is a man of his word!

I hope you guys enjoy this Beefcake Kash sweaty fuck.