Big, beefy and a little hairy, Oscar is back for a solo jack off shoot, giving us an opportunity to focus just on him and his big cock. With that shaved head, he can look a bit intimidating, which probably explains why he used to work as a cop. Once […]

Iomacho – Oscar

Roar looks hot in his baggy pants and white T, but quickly strips them off. He’s a very smooth and horny boy and goes right to work stroking. As the fun intensifies and he pounds his cock harder, Roar makes his balls bounce. Then he throws back his head and […]

DefiantBoyz – Roar Jerks Off

This big handsome guy is a really wonderful fellow, and a bit of a surprise. I was expecting him to be arrogant and self-centered, but Jimmy is actually very humble, friendly and willing to please. He wants to film a duo, so I’m looking for an appropriate match. It should […]

WorkinMenXXX – Jimmy

Frat president Brendan Phillips is about to learn a very valuable lesson regarding the politics of Greek life. Mistakenly, he’s fingered Johnny Torque as the perpetrator of a crime, and broken into Johnny’s place to try and exact revenge. Only problem is Johnny has discovered him mid-attempt, and well… Torque […]

NextDoorBuddies – Hard Cocked Rivals – Johnny Torque, Brendan Phillips

Having waited nearly 2 months just to secure a meeting with a potential investor, inventor Mark Long has his pitch and product all set for presentation, but unfortunately, his audience is a bit distracted. Damien Michaels, or Mr. Michaels, as he is known around these parts, is having some personal […]

NextDoorBuddies – Hard Divorce – Mark Long, Damien Michaels A